Reducing My Diabetic Symptoms to a Minimum

Im a strong believer that every diabetic is different and will need to experiment with different diets, exercises and lifestyle choices in order to reduce diabetic symptoms. 

Sugar breaks down differently for every person, when my blood sugars are low I eat fruits rather than candy or refined sugar, to help me get my blood sugar up. The difference is, when I eat fruit it comes with other vital nutrients that help my body in several ways. On the other hand when I was younger I would resort to candy which would give me the sugar I need but overtime worsened my symptoms. 

Also candy happens to be way more expensive than fruit. My conclusion is candy costs more and worsens my condition over time. Again, this works for me and I recommend experimenting, but we’re all different and need to respect our  bodies.

Only eating fruit sugar was very helpful for me. The next step was exercising, I decided to do light exercising every other day. At first it was a nightmare. Eventually, I’d look forward to my long walk/jog. 

Now that my symptoms are much better, I don’t need to test my blood sugar as often, I feel much better all the time and look it as well.