How I Motivate Myself To Exercise Being A Diabetic

Being diabetic comes with lot’s of mood swings, at times I felt as if I’m unable to workout because of a list of excuses I would create for myself. 

The hardest part about getting into a routine is getting into it. This was something I know would help my diabetes yet I had more excuses not to work out than I did to workout. 

Well the problem for me was the longer I would go without working out the more symptoms would get bad. It’s something I really wanted to do but really didn’t want to do. 

I decided to motivate myself and this might be different for you but here’s what I did. 

I wrote down 10 things that I could improve if I had a steady routine. This was interesting because it’s amazing how many things working out can do for a diabetic. Reduce stress, lose weight, look better, feel better, sleep better, reduce symptoms, look more attractive, builds confidence, test less frequently and live a happier life. 

These ten things I thought of have actual value to me, now I had to think of the time it would take. I dedicate a few hours a week to television, probably between 10-15. These 10-15 hours do not help improve any of the things I’ve mentioned above. I decided to change things up a bit, I decided to walk/jog every other day without overworking myself. The 3 hours a week I spend doing this is much better time invested than the time I spend in front of the tv. 

By reducing the amount of time I spend watching I was able to change my life. Everyday before my walk/jog I go back to my list and compare what I want to what I have been doing. This inspires me and I hope it will inspire you.