How I Motivate Myself To Exercise Being A Diabetic

Being diabetic comes with lot’s of mood swings, at times I felt as if I’m unable to workout because of a list of excuses I would create for myself. 

The hardest part about getting into a routine is getting into it. This was something I know would help my diabetes yet I had more excuses not to work out than I did to workout. 

Well the problem for me was the longer I would go without working out the more symptoms would get bad. It’s something I really wanted to do but really didn’t want to do. 

I decided to motivate myself and this might be different for you but here’s what I did. 

I wrote down 10 things that I could improve if I had a steady routine. This was interesting because it’s amazing how many things working out can do for a diabetic. Reduce stress, lose weight, look better, feel better, sleep better, reduce symptoms, look more attractive, builds confidence, test less frequently and live a happier life. 

These ten things I thought of have actual value to me, now I had to think of the time it would take. I dedicate a few hours a week to television, probably between 10-15. These 10-15 hours do not help improve any of the things I’ve mentioned above. I decided to change things up a bit, I decided to walk/jog every other day without overworking myself. The 3 hours a week I spend doing this is much better time invested than the time I spend in front of the tv. 

By reducing the amount of time I spend watching I was able to change my life. Everyday before my walk/jog I go back to my list and compare what I want to what I have been doing. This inspires me and I hope it will inspire you.


Selling Diabetes Test Strips

The Demand For Test Strips

Over the years test strips have been becoming more expensive and those who are not insured cannot afford them.

With companies reselling test strips that are likely to expire soon, a diabetic who’s not insured has a chance to get test strips for less. However, they will need to use them within a short time frame.

Expiring Diabetic Test Strips

Diabetes test strips do expire between 1 – 5 years depending on the brand. Test strips are expensive and throwing them away is wasting money.

It is very common for people ask if their test strips are still accurate after the expired date on the box and the short answer is yes they do. This is one reason why it is better to sell diabetic test strips before they expire. There was a study done on expiring test strips you can read more about it here.

Is it Legal to Sell Diabetic Test Strips?

Selling diabetic test strips is legal as long as they are paid in full by the consumer and are not expired. Although there are studies showing that diabetic test strips are still good long after the given expiration date, they are illegal to sell expired.

Who Can Use Cheap Diabetic Test Strips?

10% of the United States population is diabetic. Not all insurance companies cover diabetic test strips. People who cannot afford a good insurance plan (or any insurance), have to cover the full cost of their test strips.

Testing blood sugar levels is extremely important for keeping diabetes symptoms in check, by knowing when blood sugar is too high or too low a diabetic can have better control over the way they feel.

In many cases, diabetes usage of test strips fluctuate. For example, when a strict diet and exercise routine is in place and symptoms can go away and less strips are likely to be used per day, a diabetic ends up with extra test strips. These extra test strips are likely to expire and go to waste, unless they are sold for reuse. In other cases, diabetes symptoms can be getting worse and more blood tests are required per day.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Diabetic Test Strips?

As long as the test strips are longer than 6 months prior to expiration they should go for up to $40 per box which will depend on the actual brand. If a box of diabetic test strips is within a month of expiring they are not worth much, if anything.

Diabetic test strips can range from 50-100 test strips per box and lasts longer for diabetics who check there blood less often. The amount of money a person makes selling diabetic strips will vary on how many strips they have, what brand they are, and how long before they expire.

How Do You Go About Selling The Diabetic Test Strips?

There are many companies out there that will buy your test strips as long as they are not opened or expired. Each company has a list of test strip brands they will buy and a price per box. In most cases the company will ask for a name, email address, phone number, home address and the amount of boxes that are being sold. Once the information is submitted the company will either ask you to mail them the test strip boxes where you pay for shipping or they will mail you a package in the mail with a prepaid shipping container to send them back the test strip boxes. After the company receives the strips they inspect the items to make sure they are not expired or opened, after everything is inspected they send a check back for the strips.

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid?

Every company is different and it really depends on the time it takes the mail carrier to deliver the package, the time it takes the company to inspect the test strips, as well as the time it takes the company to send back the check. Priority mail can take anywhere from 7-10 days and company turn around time can take up to 10 business days. Why is this important? If a person has strips that are a month away from being expired, there’s a very good chance the diabetic test strips will not arrive to the destination in time for them to still hold the same value.

Reducing My Diabetic Symptoms to a Minimum

Im a strong believer that every diabetic is different and will need to experiment with different diets, exercises and lifestyle choices in order to reduce diabetic symptoms. 

Sugar breaks down differently for every person, when my blood sugars are low I eat fruits rather than candy or refined sugar, to help me get my blood sugar up. The difference is, when I eat fruit it comes with other vital nutrients that help my body in several ways. On the other hand when I was younger I would resort to candy which would give me the sugar I need but overtime worsened my symptoms. 

Also candy happens to be way more expensive than fruit. My conclusion is candy costs more and worsens my condition over time. Again, this works for me and I recommend experimenting, but we’re all different and need to respect our  bodies.

Only eating fruit sugar was very helpful for me. The next step was exercising, I decided to do light exercising every other day. At first it was a nightmare. Eventually, I’d look forward to my long walk/jog. 

Now that my symptoms are much better, I don’t need to test my blood sugar as often, I feel much better all the time and look it as well.

Life as a Diabetic

My name is Adam Kennedy and I am a Type 1 diabetic. I was first diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 7. I’ve experienced lots of hardship as well as good times.

Being a type 1 diabetic can be extremely challenging, I’ve been managing and maintaining my blood sugar levels for so long now that it’s part of my day to day routine.

Growing up I was too embarrassed in school to be diabetic, I always figured other kids would find it weird or disturbing if I’d prick my finger to test my blood sugar or have to take a shot of insulin. Being different in school is not usually a good thing. 

On this blog I will write more about my experiences and ways I was able to overcome most obstacles that would arise in my day to day.